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House Of Becca

Costumes and Corsets 
Custom Made Costume for Locker Tomi Yau Katy  Perry  style Costume Made In Sheffield Production for Point Blank
Sailor  Costumes For  Stagecoach Huddersfield
I Love Lucy Style Burlesque Costume
‘The  Man ‘ for The Man And Men
3- Piece suit for Kermit The Frog
Adaptation of  J.M. Barrie ‘s Peter  pan .  Tinker bell and Captain Hook
Adaptation of  J.M. Barrie ‘s Peter  pan .  Tinker bell and Captain Hook

Need a costume made, assistance on your production, or a stylist for your event? Contact us

Costume based on the theme surrealism
Selection  of replica uniform from WWI/ WWII  made for The History Bunker
Sailor costumes made for stagecoach Huddersfield (version 2)

We custom make everything from a single costume to a complete set of theatre or dance costumes. If needed, we can also provide stylists to work with you on site. When you need something made, contact us. Get in touch for a free quote.